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    Dish Express Providing quality satellite communications/internet service since 1995.


Our Popular Packages - Per Day Pricing.

Wi-Fi  Service Plan
Wi-Fi Internet to the pad site with
1.5 Mb down and 756kb up speeds


Wi-Fi & Phones Service Plan
Wi-Fi Service Plan Plus -
One Cisco VoIP Desk Phone and
One Cisco VoIP Wireless Phone


Wi-Fi, Phones and Intercoms Plan
Wi-Fi & Phones Service Plan Plus - One
base intercom and two handheld intercoms


Wi-Fi, Phones, Intercoms and NOV EDR
Wi-Fi, Phones and Intercoms Plan Plus
National Oilwell Varco
Electronic Drilling Recorder


Wi-Fi, Phones and Camera Plan
Wi-Fi & Phones Service Plan Plus -
One Sony Point/Tilt/Zoom Camera
With a Dell server and digital video recorder


Wi-Fi, NOV EDR and Camera Plan
Wi-Fi Service Plan
NOV EDR, One Sony Point/Tilt/Zoom Camera  
With a Dell server and digital video recorder


Complete Package
Wi-Fi Service Plan Plus - Phones,
Intercoms, NOV EDR and three Sony
Point/Tilt/Zoom cameras with server


Dish-X Means Fast, Dependable Service

Just like FedEx, Dish X means we are ready.  In most cases we can have Internet to your location in 4 to 6 hours!  We don’t just say Dish-X for nothing, we are ready to roll.  We can have fully functioning communications to your remote office when you need it.

Communication Anywhere, Anytime!


Pricing Guide - Per Day Pricing.


  • $40.00 per day-internet only 500 mb per day
  • $70.00 per day-unlimited internet
  • $90.00 per day-unlimited internet/phone


  • $10.00 per wired station; up to 4.  
    • $5.00 per line after.  $45.00 for 5.
  • $15.00 per wireless station; up to 4.
    • $5.00 per line after.  $65.00 for 5.

Cell phone Booster

  • $10.00 per day


  • Internet/intercoms/cell phone booster
    • 10% discount when services are bundled

Time Clocks

  • $300 per month rental-$1,500 for purchase
    • Bare units without house.
    • 500 mb per day satellite internet service

Moves, Delivery, Service, Pickup:     $85.00 Per Hour
Mileage Rate:                                     $1.10 Per Mile
NOV EDR                                           $1,500.00

Includes first time installation plus first two moves. We can also get you a quote to provide you with the NOV E-Wildcat Automated Drilling System based on your specific needs.

Internet/Phone: Anytime/Anywhere

Dish-X: Internet and Phone Anywhere! .

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