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Pricing Guide - Per Day Pricing.

Base Internet $60.00 Unlimited Throughput
Phone 1 $20.00


Phone 2 $20.00 (A)
NOV EDR $100.00 (A)
Intercom $25.00 (E)
Camera 1 $70.00 (A)
Camera 2 $20.00 (D)
Additional Phone $20.00 (B)
Additional Camera $20.00 (C)
Additional Intercom $5.00 (E)
(A) Base Internet Required
(B) Up to a Max of 5 Phones
(C) Up to a Max of 4 Cameras
(D) Base Internet PLUS Camera 1 Required
(E) Intercoms: 1 Base Unit + 2 Hand Held Units
Moves, Delivery, Service, Pickup: $85.00 Per Hour
Mileage Rate: $1.10 Per Mile
NOV EDR $1,500.00

Includes first time installation plus first two moves. We can also get you a quote for us to provide you with the NOV E-Wildcat Automated Drilling System based on your specific needs

Internet/Phone: Anytime/Anywhere

Dish-X: Internet and Phone Anywhere! .

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